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Using Denon AVR-1100RD Without a Remote

I wasn’t planning to use this blog for hardware-related stuff but after spending too much time trying to find a remote or get a third-party remote working with an old (as in over 20 years old) Denon AVR-1100RD amplifier I thought it might help someone.

Denon AVR-1100RD

The device has an old skool power button marked ON/STANDBY - OFF. My problem was, I didn’t have a remote and the power button started the device in standby mode – there was no visible way to actually turn on the device. Well, after spending too much time googling around, turns out you can do a factory reset to the device after which it will start in ON position when turning the power on. Here’s how:

Doing a Factory Reset

  1. Press VIDEO SELECT and TUNER (function) buttons down while turning the device on; the device will reset and immediately turn itself on.

After this the device turns itself automatically on when turning the power on.

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