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Vercel Cheat Sheet

See TILs tagged with Vercel Useful Links Environment Variables Docs vercel.json Project Configuration Configuration Redirects for JavaScript Routers For routers like vue-router with history mode enabled, something like this in vercel.json works: "rewrites": [ { "source": "/(.*)", "destination": "/index.html" } ] Redirects for Python Functions This (legacy) configuration is the only one that seems to work with Python at the moment:

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Pytest Cheat Sheet

Pytest Official Docs Running Fail fast / stop after first failure: pytest -x Run from module or directory: pytest dir/tests/footest.py, pytest dir/ Run specific markers: pytest -m marker (mark with @pytest.mark.mymarker) Drop to pdb on failure: pytest --pdb (set breakpoint w/ breakpoint()) Recreate database using pytest-django: --create-db Configuration pytest.ini conftest.

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