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Weeknotes 2022/17 - Software Architecture: Splitting Up Large Projects

Most non-trivial real life production apps usually require an order of magnitude more planning and configuring than the simple templates from where most projects are started from. I spent the last week testing and planning out the final configuration which would be best suited for an Django app with Vue frontend.

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Code Coverage Using GitHub Actions

I like using GitLab because it has so much of the everyday developer tooling integrated right into the product. Nowadays GitHub Actions are powerful enough to do many of the same things, including code coverage. Most projects on GitHub use external services like Codecov for code coverage reporting. I don’t have the budget for these external services and I’m not interested in setting up and maintaining different solutions based on the publicity or the organization of the project so I decided to write a native solution using Github Actions instead.

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Running Playwright in GitLab CI

Had some trouble getting Playwright to run properly on GitLab CI so decided to document my learnings here. Playwright CI documentation was helpful for tracking and tackling the problems: Setting DEBUG=pw:browser* environment variable will output debug logs during the browser install which is really helpful. Most issues seem to relate to memory handling and consumption.

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