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Weeknotes 2022/18 - Signed GitHub Commits, Deprecating Cypress

The Rust-based Electron alternative, Tauri, is in release candidate status. I want to keep up with its development to be able to compare it to Electron so I created a simple tauri-vue-template that uses Vite for bundling. In the process I learned how to sign GitHub commits which was really easy to set up using brew (to install GPG) and GPG Suite (to handle the keys and macOS keychain).

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Downloading Files With Cypress.io

There seems to be almost no documentation and examples on how to test file downloads with Cypress. There is a closed ticket #8089 with several “any updates on this”-comments and no recent replies from Cypress. It looks like I won’t be testing file downloads anytime soon.

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Cypress.io Drag&Drop Issues

Cypress has issues with drag&drop and SortableJS. The example repo has a dra&drop example but it doesn’t work with SortableJS. Tried all possible combination, no avail. There is also cypress-drag-drop plugin and an old Gist for using Cypress with SortableJS but neither of these work with current (5.x) version of Cypress.

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