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Using Docker Compose In GitHub Actions

Running non-trivial Django applications in CI (for example e2e testing purposes) has always been a big painpoint for me. For some reason using Docker Compose never even occured to me until yesterday when I saw an example of it in the wild. Few hours later I had converted one of my own projects and it workd great.

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Weeknotes 2023/03 - Docker, Fresh Eyes

This week I played a lot with Docker. I also re-learned how to build images with a different architecture after burning myself once again with a M1 dev machine and x86 production server. I upgraded my personal production images to use Postgres 15. -docker build +docker buildx build --platform linux/amd6 Fresh Eyes I’ve taken the opportunity to use my fresh eyes and Daily Notes to collect some suggestions for our work practices.

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Weeknotes 2022/2 - Chores, and the colors / faker incident

The problem with projects with NPM dependencies is the ridiculously fast pace the packages keep updating. JavaScript / Node world has an unique way of creating and depending on tiny community packages and the number of dependencies even in a small project can be enormous. Using automated services like Dependabot only takes you so far, you just need to keep weeding the projects manually from time to time.

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Optional Dependencies With Poetry

Some Python dependencies require build tools which can be problematic when running inside Docker or CI environment. Often these packages are also needed only in development or production so having them as optional dependencies can be really useful. I just learned that Poetry can do this. First, install your dependency with --optional flag:

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