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Export Firebase Database to JSON

Even though Goole Firebase documents look and feel like JSON, it’s surprisingly painful to export a database as a plain JSON file. (I assume this is 100% because they want to keep the vendor lock-in.) Not surprisingly there are NPM packages that help. Here’s the fastest and simplest way I managed to export a very small Firebase DB to JSON:

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Typing Firebase Database Queries With TypeScript

Document databases like Firebase work great with JavaScript but they can get really messy really fast if you’re not very strict with your data models. TypeScript is the perfect companion here and luckily the Firebase database functions can be easily typed in a way that will help you to keep your data consistent.

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Weeknotes 2022/22 - Re-learning Firebase

I first learned about Firebase bretty soon after it was initially launched. I first tested it myself for a small personal app few years ago but then migrated away from it mostly due to issues with the developer tooling and also because of the large payload for even a minimal client.

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Automatic Last Modified Field With MongoDB

MongoDB Realm is a great Firebase alternative that is backed by a “proper” database. I was missing automatic created_at and last_modified_at helpers from Django in a MongoDB project so I implemented them using triggers. Turns out it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought but still pretty simple in the end.

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