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Initial Learnings With Electron

The following are my learnings from the first proper Electron project building the Slipmat Soundboard app. The app is open source, and like all Slipmat projects, it’s geared towards DJs and artists. Storing Electron state and preferences This was the very first thing I wanted to figure out as I wasn’t sure which would be the best way to do this.

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Using fsck on macOS

My old 2015 Macbook Pro has an issue with one of the USB ports that sometimes makes it disconnect connected devices. Before I figure out what’s going on with it I had several accidents with external drives which wouldn’t mount correctly anymore after being disconnedted mid-write. I’ve had varying success using “First Aid” with Disk Utility but better experiences when using fsck manually (First Aid is just a graphical front to fsck).

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Setting Up macOS for Web Development

Getting your development environment running and configured has become much easier over time but it’s still a hassle to get everything set up and configured from scratch. These notes are a continuously evolving task list for my personal setup. Applications Install Docker desktop, configure it as needed and remember to authenticate it.

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Fixing "Error loading MySQLdb module" on macOS 10.15 Catalina

MySql gets usually installed on MacOS by Brew, which installs a bunch of dylib libraries in /usr/local/opt/mysql/lib/. For some reason my Python installation is looking for wrong version of these files and I’ve yet to find a proper solution for matching up the dependencies. The error message looks like this:

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