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Testing Postgres + PostGIS on GitLab CI

Setting uo PostgreSQL + PostGIX extension for GitLab CI was easy once I figured out how to configure the needed services right way. Here’s the gist of my setup for testing a Django app: Use a main image that includes needed Postgres + PostGIS deps: image: 'registry.gitlab.com/uninen/docker-images/python-postgis:3.9' I use my own Python Docker images which are based on optimized Revsys Python images and come with most of the commonly needed system packages preinstalled for speedy build process and testing.

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Setting Up macOS for Web Development

Getting your development environment running and configured has become much easier over time but it’s still a hassle to get everything set up and configured from scratch. These notes are a continuously evolving task list for my personal setup. Applications Install Docker desktop, configure it as needed and remember to authenticate it.

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How to migrate MySQL database to PostgreSQL

I’ve migrated a couple of old Django projects from MySQL to PostgreSQL lately and decided to document the process here to help make it go faster in the future. If your old database is not exotic in any way the migration process is pretty fast and simple. The hard part is figuring out how and how much you should tweak in the old database to get rid of warnings/errors if there are some.

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