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I tweeted few months ago about a productivity hack of mine of keeping a LOCAL_NOTES.md file inside of the projects I work with. I never wrote more about it but as I’ve noticed using these even more lately I decided it was time to document this better. Lowering Cognitive Load I’m a big believer in collaborative project management tools like ticketing systems, intranets, and wikis.

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Weeknotes 2022/3 - Life, Twitter NFTs, productivity hack

I had lot’s of fun offline this week which was an unexpected and fun development. Google will start invoicing legacy free GApps customers. This will affect probably millions of users, I’m interested to see what portion of those users will migrate away from Google. My question about good alternatives generated some interesting discussion on Twitter.

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VSCode Custom Snippets

Adding custom snippets in VSCode is easy. Open Preferences -> User Snippets, add following to the global snippets file: "console.log": { "scope": "html,vue,javascript,typescript", "prefix": "cl", "body": "console.log($0)", "description": "Insert console log statement" } Now I get a console log statement when typing cl + TAB.

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