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Silence Tailwind JIT Debug Output

I’ve been suffering from excessive output from the Tailwind JIT / PostCSS plugin in Vite projects for the longest time. My Vite HMR logs used to look something like this in most projects: VITE v4.3.9 ready in 852 ms ➜ Local: http://localhost:3000/ ➜ Network: ➜ Network: ➜ press h to show help Source path: /code/front/src/assets/spa.

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Optimizing Tailwind CSS Production Bundle Size

Tailwind has pretty good documentation on how to optimize production builds. But if you want to really tweak your final build, you need to do a bit more manual work to find out the best configuration for that specific project. Cssnano Is Not a Silver Bullet In some cases applying cssnano can actually increase your build size.

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