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Weeknotes 2022/18 - Signed GitHub Commits, Deprecating Cypress

The Rust-based Electron alternative, Tauri, is in release candidate status. I want to keep up with its development to be able to compare it to Electron so I created a simple tauri-vue-template that uses Vite for bundling. In the process I learned how to sign GitHub commits which was really easy to set up using brew (to install GPG) and GPG Suite (to handle the keys and macOS keychain).

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Testing Tauri Beta

Tauri is an interesting lightweight alternative to Electron which recently graduated to beta. These are my first impressions and experiences trying it out. Installing and Hello World Tauri docs are pretty good for a project that is just barely reached beta. Tauri can be added as an dependency to any Node project but before you can do that you need to install some Rust tooling first.

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