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Vercel Cheat Sheet

See TILs tagged with Vercel Useful Links Environment Variables Docs vercel.json Project Configuration Configuration Redirects for JavaScript Routers For routers like vue-router with history mode enabled, something like this in vercel.json works: "rewrites": [ { "source": "/(.*)", "destination": "/index.html" } ] Redirects for Python Functions This (legacy) configuration is the only one that seems to work with Python at the moment:

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Migrating Vercel Project To Another On A Different Domain

It’s very easy to add a custom domain to a Vercel project. It’s also easy to redirect the default Vercel project URL to another domain or set up separate domains for staging and production. But I had to do some digging to be able to migrate my project from domain foo to point to a new project on domain bar.

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Running Playwright in GitLab CI

Had some trouble getting Playwright to run properly on GitLab CI so decided to document my learnings here. Playwright CI documentation was helpful for tracking and tackling the problems: Setting DEBUG=pw:browser* environment variable will output debug logs during the browser install which is really helpful. Most issues seem to relate to memory handling and consumption.

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Weeknotes 2020/50 - Micro APIs, ethical analytics

Last few weeks I’ve been working on some small micro APIs for Slipmat. This week I built a new homepage for Slipmat Labs and added changelogs for Spotify Playlist Parser API, Tidal Playlist Parser API and the new Discogs Search API. I’ve really liked working with FastAPI and Vercel for making these kind of micro APIs.

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