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Weeknotes 2022/3 - Life, Twitter NFTs, productivity hack

I had lot’s of fun offline this week which was an unexpected and fun development. Google will start invoicing legacy free GApps customers. This will affect probably millions of users, I’m interested to see what portion of those users will migrate away from Google. My question about good alternatives generated some interesting discussion on Twitter.

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Weeknotes 2022/2 - Chores, and the colors / faker incident

The problem with projects with NPM dependencies is the ridiculously fast pace the packages keep updating. JavaScript / Node world has an unique way of creating and depending on tiny community packages and the number of dependencies even in a small project can be enormous. Using automated services like Dependabot only takes you so far, you just need to keep weeding the projects manually from time to time.

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Weeknotes 2022/1 - Vacationing, Vitest, and SwiftUI

What better time to restart weeknotes than the first week of the year! I decided to take a proper long vacation from everything work-related in mid-December. It’s been years since my last proper vacation and I’m already noticing the positive effects. Staying away from the computer hasn’t been that easy, though.

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Weeknotes 2020/52 - WebRTC, SwiftUI and personal data archiving

My days have been starting to look worryingly similar past few weeks, so I wanted to try to make this Christmas week stand out at least a little. After working a pretty hectic pace for a long time I’m finding it pretty difficult to put down the developer tools and wind down.

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Weeknotes 2020/51 - NPM packages, GitLab CI, SwiftUI, architecturing

This week was broken into a number of small projects, mainly around Slipmat development. I also worked on various pieces of tooling that helps with this blog and various project dashboards. I had a birthday on Thursday, I played my radio show in Friday, and I managed to take one whole day off, so this week was much less productive in general than last week.

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Weeknotes 2020/50 - Micro APIs, ethical analytics

Last few weeks I’ve been working on some small micro APIs for Slipmat. This week I built a new homepage for Slipmat Labs and added changelogs for Spotify Playlist Parser API, Tidal Playlist Parser API and the new Discogs Search API. I’ve really liked working with FastAPI and Vercel for making these kind of micro APIs.

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