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Weeknotes 2022/12 - My First PyPI Package, New Weekend Project

Last week I published my first PyPI package. The responses on Twitter were overwhelming. Like I said in the Tweet, don’t really know why it took me 17 years for publishing my first package but I’m pretty sure ito won’t be the last!

The package itself is a simple tool for parsing DJ software playlists. It’s at the very heart of some the core functionality of many of my Slipmat.io projects and I don’t want a for-profit company just start using it so I opted to use a somewhat limiting AGPL license.

The unethical use of open source is something I truly despise and what has probably kept me from open sourcing every single line I’ve ever coded. I’d like to find ways to do exactly that and to help making open source projects more sustainable.

Weekend Project: Linktree Alternative for Artists

I wanted to test out my new FastAPI template for a new project so I built a quick & dirty Linktree alternative for Slipmat.io artists. Here’s an example page for DJ Uninen.

This was a fun project using the Slipmat API and a very simple template plus few production optimizations. It’s a good start.

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