Kaizen Today I Learned by Ville Säävuori

Weeknotes 2022/21 - On Work-Life Balance

I’ve been struggling to find a good balance between a healthy amount of work and healthy amount of personal life. I’m the kind of person who absolutely loves to dive deep into all kinds of things and when there’s something very interesting happening in one part of my life, it’s really hard not to let that affect other parts.

I’ve started training for triathlon and sometimes I feel that all I can think about is the next training session or how to digest the data from the previous session I just finished. I know that in a few weeks I’ll probably be in a new work environment which probably will dominate my concentration in the same way. For the most part I don’t mind being hyper focused like this but I feel like many of the not-so-important hobbies suffer quite abit when I only find time for one or two super important things instead of being able to switch to different modes easier.

I think I need to start meditating more.

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