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Weeknotes 2022/7 - My First Published Electron App

Last week was pretty productive as I got to launch the first public version of the new Slipmat Soundboard app I’ve been building with Electron for the past couple of weeks. The app is open source and, like all Slipmat products, geared towards a very specific use case of performing DJs and artists.

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Initial Learnings With Electron

The following are my learnings from the first proper Electron project building the Slipmat Soundboard app. The app is open source, and like all Slipmat projects, it’s geared towards DJs and artists. Storing Electron state and preferences This was the very first thing I wanted to figure out as I wasn’t sure which would be the best way to do this.

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Weeknotes 2022/6 - Electron, Vue

This week I started working on a new native app for Slipmat using Electron. I’ve been slowly building a starter template for Python + Electron for few months now ever since Simon published his Datasette app. I’ve intentionally kept the project on a slow burner and returned to it every now and then to give myself time to get a better general understanding of the Electron framework.

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Testing Tauri Beta

Tauri is an interesting lightweight alternative to Electron which recently graduated to beta. These are my first impressions and experiences trying it out. Installing and Hello World Tauri docs are pretty good for a project that is just barely reached beta. Tauri can be added as an dependency to any Node project but before you can do that you need to install some Rust tooling first.

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