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Weeknotes 2022/6 - Electron, Vue

This week I started working on a new native app for Slipmat using Electron. I’ve been slowly building a starter template for Python + Electron for few months now ever since Simon published his Datasette app. I’ve intentionally kept the project on a slow burner and returned to it every now and then to give myself time to get a better general understanding of the Electron framework. Turns out, as soon as I started a proper project with it, I quickly found out how little I actually knew!

I’m planning to get this new project released and published by the end of the week. It will be the first proper open source contribution from Slipmat organization which will be a nice milestone to achieve!

Vue 3

Vue 3 is now the new default! It’s been a quite ride to follow the process from the very early alpha builds to the birth and skyrocketing adoption of Vite to new tools like Pinia and Vitest. I’ve contributed many bug reports and tried to participate in the community discussions where it made sense. The whole journey was an epicly long one and it feels quite nice that version 3 is now officially the default.

I’ve been personally using v3 (also in production) for a long time already. I built my own vite-ts-starter starter project that bundles all the latest and greatest tools preconfigured so starting a new project is as simple as cloning this repo and getting on with it.

The script setup sugar with the new composition API makes Vue development very enjoyable. If you haven’t tried Vue 3 yet, I encourage you to check out my starter template or pick your own flavor by running npm init vue@latest

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