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Using Docker Compose In GitHub Actions

Running non-trivial Django applications in CI (for example e2e testing purposes) has always been a big painpoint for me. For some reason using Docker Compose never even occured to me until yesterday when I saw an example of it in the wild. Few hours later I had converted one of my own projects and it workd great.

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Weeknotes 2022/19 - Working on GitHub

I’ve been starting to migrate away from GitLab as they hiked their prices 400% and that just didn’t sit right with me. It kind of pains me to part from GitLab as I really love the product and I’m always happy to root for the underdog but their attitude towards their customers has just been super bad and I just don’t want to condone that kind of behavior.

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Weeknotes 2022/18 - Signed GitHub Commits, Deprecating Cypress

The Rust-based Electron alternative, Tauri, is in release candidate status. I want to keep up with its development to be able to compare it to Electron so I created a simple tauri-vue-template that uses Vite for bundling. In the process I learned how to sign GitHub commits which was really easy to set up using brew (to install GPG) and GPG Suite (to handle the keys and macOS keychain).

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Weeknotes 2022/13 - Tweaking GitHub Actions

I’ve been working a lot with GitHub Actions lately. Ever since GitLab totally fucked up their pricing model I’ve been slowly moving my projects from GitLab to GitHub, and now I’m in a place where I’m trying to homogenize the action pipelines as much as possible. Last week I added a native code coverage job that doesn’t depend on any third-party service.

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Code Coverage Using GitHub Actions

I like using GitLab because it has so much of the everyday developer tooling integrated right into the product. Nowadays GitHub Actions are powerful enough to do many of the same things, including code coverage. Most projects on GitHub use external services like Codecov for code coverage reporting. I don’t have the budget for these external services and I’m not interested in setting up and maintaining different solutions based on the publicity or the organization of the project so I decided to write a native solution using Github Actions instead.

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Weeknotes 2022/6 - Electron, Vue

This week I started working on a new native app for Slipmat using Electron. I’ve been slowly building a starter template for Python + Electron for few months now ever since Simon published his Datasette app. I’ve intentionally kept the project on a slow burner and returned to it every now and then to give myself time to get a better general understanding of the Electron framework.

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