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Sharp Edges When Building APIs On Google Cloud Run

I deployed my first Google Cloud Run project this week as my weekend project. It was a very simple Python (FastAPI) backend and a Vue (Vite/TS) frontend. This was also my first multi-layer Docker image as it was so simple to figure out what data to copy on the final layer:

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Weeknotes 2022/10 - New Vue Defaults, FastAPI Starter Template

Vue 3 utility and tooling ecosystem has evolved a lot from the Vue 2 world. I’ve been keeping my Vite + Vue starter template as up to date as possible since I’m using it myself almost weekly to start new repos and I want it to have everything a typical project uses pre-configured and ready to go.

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Weeknotes 2020/50 - Micro APIs, ethical analytics

Last few weeks I’ve been working on some small micro APIs for Slipmat. This week I built a new homepage for Slipmat Labs and added changelogs for Spotify Playlist Parser API, Tidal Playlist Parser API and the new Discogs Search API. I’ve really liked working with FastAPI and Vercel for making these kind of micro APIs.

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