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Weeknotes 2022/10 - New Vue Defaults, FastAPI Starter Template

Vue 3 utility and tooling ecosystem has evolved a lot from the Vue 2 world. I’ve been keeping my Vite + Vue starter template as up to date as possible since I’m using it myself almost weekly to start new repos and I want it to have everything a typical project uses pre-configured and ready to go.

Vuex has been one of the Vue 3 ecosystem victims as it has never had a proper TypeScript support and keeping things even remotely backwards compatible was just a too big ask. Pinia has been around for a while, and now that it’s officially supported default option for Vue 3 state management, I switched to it in my starter template.

FastAPI Starter Template

My Slipmat.io-project has been growing small independent micro APIs and related mini sites which so far have been running on random ad-hoc code and a Vercel or Netlify frontend. I wanted to make launching new projects faster and maintaining old ones easier so I started a new project template using FastAPI backend and a Vue frontend based on the starter Vite template.

I’ve yet to learn cookiecutter properly to make anything with it myself but this migth be a chance to learn that as well. I didn’t open up the new repo yet but I plan to as soon as it’s in a more generic and better documented shape.

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