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Weeknotes 2022/1 - Vacationing, Vitest, and SwiftUI

What better time to restart weeknotes than the first week of the year! I decided to take a proper long vacation from everything work-related in mid-December. It’s been years since my last proper vacation and I’m already noticing the positive effects. Staying away from the computer hasn’t been that easy, though.

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Testing Postgres + PostGIS on GitLab CI

Setting uo PostgreSQL + PostGIX extension for GitLab CI was easy once I figured out how to configure the needed services right way. Here’s the gist of my setup for testing a Django app: Use a main image that includes needed Postgres + PostGIS deps: image: 'registry.gitlab.com/uninen/docker-images/python-postgis:3.9' I use my own Python Docker images which are based on optimized Revsys Python images and come with most of the commonly needed system packages preinstalled for speedy build process and testing.

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Running Playwright in GitLab CI

Had some trouble getting Playwright to run properly on GitLab CI so decided to document my learnings here. Playwright CI documentation was helpful for tracking and tackling the problems: Setting DEBUG=pw:browser* environment variable will output debug logs during the browser install which is really helpful. Most issues seem to relate to memory handling and consumption.

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Downloading Files With Cypress.io

There seems to be almost no documentation and examples on how to test file downloads with Cypress. There is a closed ticket #8089 with several “any updates on this”-comments and no recent replies from Cypress. It looks like I won’t be testing file downloads anytime soon.

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Cypress.io Drag&Drop Issues

Cypress has issues with drag&drop and SortableJS. The example repo has a dra&drop example but it doesn’t work with SortableJS. Tried all possible combination, no avail. There is also cypress-drag-drop plugin and an old Gist for using Cypress with SortableJS but neither of these work with current (5.x) version of Cypress.

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