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Weeknotes 2022/1 - Vacationing, Vitest, and SwiftUI

What better time to restart weeknotes than the first week of the year!

I decided to take a proper long vacation from everything work-related in mid-December. It’s been years since my last proper vacation and I’m already noticing the positive effects. Staying away from the computer hasn’t been that easy, though.

My original “things I wanna do while on holiday”-list was full of code projects and all kinds of small computer-related chores. Luckily I realized that pretty quickly and just threw all plans away. It’s not a vacation if you’ve scheduled your days full of work.

I’ve still been browsing GitHub, looking for interesting projects and reading code. You can learn a lot by reading other people’s code. I’ve also kept up to date with Vitest, a new and fast-evolving Vite-native testing framework by Anthony Fu. I’ve never had the stamina to add Jest-tests to my own projects (as I’ve always found e2e tests to be more important for frontend) so learning this world has been quite interesting. Combining Cypress for e2e and component testing with Vitest seems vey nice way to get full test coverage for frontend projects.

New M1 Mac mini inspired me to test iOS development after a pretty long hiatus. Turns out XCode is still painfully slow and hands down the worst development experience I’ve ever had to endure. Developing small apps for iOS devices is fun but the dumpster fire of Apple Developer Docs + XCode just makes everything really bad. Here’s to hoping Apple comes up with some innovations – starting for example with code formatting support for XCode – for developers in 2022!

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